MrUniquity Aug 20, 2023
Version 1.3.6
Awesome value for the money. Author is always adding more stuff and is very happy to help with any problem.
CheeseOnline Aug 19, 2023
Version 1.3.6
An amazing pack! It will be a great addition to my server. The seller has also been extremely helpful with answering my questions, couldn't ask for better customer service. If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would!
kristophergeou Aug 12, 2023
Version 1.3.6
This pack was a great addition to my servers enchants + it gave me lots of inspo to make some things myself too. Great job exan😎
heybangsie Aug 12, 2023
Version 1.3.6
nevermind my previous review im just dumb xD. pack works great!

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