Default enchantment configuration:
# Combat Sense EcoEnchant

name: "Combat Sense"
description: See nearby entities through walls.
enabled: true

  table: true
  villager: true
  loot: true
  rarity: legendary

    - sword
    - axe
    - trident
  grindstoneable: true
  disabled-in-worlds: [ ]
  conflicts: [ ]
  maximum-level: 3

  enable-activation-sound: true #If the usage of this spell should be followed with a sound effect
  activation-sound: ENTITY_ENDERMAN_TELEPORT #The name of a sound when the spell is activated. Only if "enable-activation-sound" is set to true
  enable-particle-effect: true #If the usage of this spell should be followed with a particle effect
  particle-effect: "TOTEM" #The name of a particle. Only if "enable-particle-effect" is set to true
  no-targets-message: "actionbar! &6There are no entities nearby"
  cooldown: 1 #In seconds
  apply-on-animals: true #Should this spell affect animals in the radius
  apply-on-monsters: true #Should this spell affect monsters in the radius
  apply-on-players: true #Should this spell affect players in the radius
  radius-per-level: 3 #Blocks on all sides to scan per level
  ticks-per-level: 20 #Amount of ticks per level to glow entities for